Sunday, 21 May 2017

Two one-day trips to Hegura... part two

Even more than yesterday I was keen on finding my own birds rather than chasing other people's in the short time I had. Nevertheless I was still lucky enough to bump into two Black-naped Orioles on two occasions without putting in the effort many others had. Unfortunately I wasn't so lucky with a male Chestnut Bunting which was the other found-by-others bird I'd have liked to see, the back of someone's camera was the closest I came.

The good news was there had clearly been an arrival with all that overnight and early morning rain. Phylloscs were even more common and I saw a lot more Eastern Crowned. Whether they were really new in or I was merely connecting with more I can't be certain but there were a also a couple of stubbornly silent Arctic-complex warblers I hadn't seen yesterday and there were most definitely far more Asian Brown Flycatchers. A small group of Chestnut-flanked White-eyes were discovered in the harbour during the day. As an aside, the lack of definite Japanese Leaf Warblers interesting as I saw and heard several in a coastal park the following day.

Not the greatest Chestnut-flanked White-eye shots, they stayed deep in the bushes and I was on count-down to ferry departure, but this was a well marked bird. Despite the brevity of the views the expected longer primary projection was striking but I confess I hadn't expected such a distinctly darker face.

As I said Asian Brown Flycatchers were far more common, I also added Grey-streaked and Japanese Paradise to my trip list, Blue and White were up in numbers but I saw just the one Mugimaki. Possibly the same bird as yesterday.

Asian Brown was common.


2CY male Mugimaki.

That Chestnut Bunting I missed was frustrating but other buntings were fairly easy to find, though there was just a single late Rustic that I saw.

Tristram's Bunting

Yellow-browed Bunting

Female spodocephala Black-faced Bunting.

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