Thursday 4 May 2017

Eye-browed Thrush

We've probably all heard of rogue grouse or pheasants, even if we haven't been lucky enough to see one, but who's ever heard of a rogue Eyebrowed Thrush?!

Last weekend I had great views of four species of thrush out in the open on a mown lawn just after dawn; Brown-headed, Japanese, Pale and Dusky. Well of course Dusky, when aren't they out in the open? There were plenty more skulking turdus in the dense understorey as the morning progressed but not a single Eyebrowed. But then almost back at the car, passing that lawn again, the evaporation of thrushes long since complete, I noticed an Eyebrowed lurking on the woodland edge. At first it remained largely hidden as you might expect, a tail tip visible from this perch, lower belly from another. Playing by thrush rules in essence. Then it began to deviate and before long ripped up the Eyebrowed manual altogether. It got bolder sitting on exposed branches then dropped down onto the grass to perform Dusky-style.

There were a few other cooperative birds, a pair of Blue Rock Thrushes and a few Black-faced Buntings...

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