Monday 17 February 2020

Chinese Grey Shrike

I think I've only ever seen Grey Shrikes, both Chinese and Great in Kyushu, so a Shiga bird isn't to be sniffed at.

News of this bird is being kept quiet, something I generally have mixed feelings about but in this case it seems appropriate as the bird is somewhat mobile around narrow farmland roads which could lead to an absolute circus if large numbers of people turned up. Which no doubt they would. There is actually ample parking nearby but while the bird is quite approachable by car the lack of restraint shown by a certain percentage of people, once on foot, would likely result in the bird being pushed from pillar to post.

A short row of about 12 or so low, roadside trees offers the best opportunity to view the bird well but getting an unobstructed view for even a lone birder (I was there for two hours and no one else came during that time) isn't easy so I can imagine people further down the line piling out of their vehicles and giving the bird no peace. I just don't see how this site could accommodate a large number of people yet give the bird the space it needs.

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