Thursday, 26 January 2017

Grey-backed and White's, thrushes in the park

During migration, particularly in spring, it might not be exceptional to see five species of thrush in city parks here. Winter is a different matter, and a Grey-backed certainly wasn't on the radar!

The bird has been in one of the larger Osaka parks for a couple of weeks as far as I'm aware and though I wasn't in a hurry to get down there the number of great images circulating finally gave me the push I needed... apart from being a great bird it was also a photograph tick for me! The park, Oizumi Ryokuchi in the south of Osaka, is a great place for city birding but too far to visit casually from Kyoto. I've seen my only Golden-crowned Sparrow and Pheasant-tailed Jacana in Japan there.

The expected winter thrushes in the parks (and elsewhere) are Dusky and Pale, and the latter is always far easier to see well in parks than in forests.

One of many approachable Pale Thrushes in the park.

The Grey-backed turned out not to be the only thrush of interest, there was a White's at the other end of the park. I managed to get a few satisfactory shots of both birds.

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