Friday 9 December 2016

Bluethroat in Nagoya

I once found a Bluethroat on Hegurajima and I've seen quite a few in the UK to so when I first heard about the bird in Nagoya I wasn't too bothered about dashing off to see it. However, when I saw some online images I changed my mind, this is a smart-looking bird and as it wasn't difficult to see by all accounts and I drove up there on Thursday morning.

It's on a short stretch of a small river in the city so I was happy to let Sat Nav take the strain and lead me directly to an Aeon car park right next to the spot. Such prescience locating there, I'd never have have guessed a rare would turn up on that stretch of river; well done Aeon.

The only problem with my very early arrival is the sun, no doubt afternoon views (and photographs) would be better.