Saturday 19 November 2016

Saunder's Gulls are in... so are Common Starlings!

I was in Mie yesterday to to have a general look around and check out the gulls on the beach north of Tsu city. It was a pretty good day, duck numbers continue to rise, but the best find was two Common Starlings. They're my second and third of the autumn... and I haven't even been to Kyushu. In the end I had little time for gulling but further south there were several Saunder's Gulls patrolling the estuaries.

I usually check flocks of White-cheeked Starlings for anything rare mixed in with them but today the two Common Starlings I found were on a playing field with Dusky Thrushes. Though when they did fly one went to join a group of White-cheeked on wires while the other went to another playing field. No great images I'm afraid, just record shots.

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