Sunday 24 July 2016

Whimbrel (variegatus) waiting for the tide to drop

Heading across to Mie last Thursday night I had my usual grumbles about pointless traffic signals stopping traffic on the main road. The sort that gives way to non-existent 2am traffic from a tiny village lane hardly wider than a footpath, or an exit from a factory when the gates are locked for the night. What a waste of time, and multiplied by every vehicle on the road, every night, what a waste of fuel. But for once waiting at one of these pointless sets of lights paid dividends. My drumming fingers were stopped short by a call overhead. Was it... ? And a second call... yes! Japanese Night Heron over the road. A good start to the trip, an excellent start in fact.

It was great to be back in Mie after a couple of months and there were plenty of birds to keep me busy, but this post is going to stick with a few examples of east Asian Whimbrel N p variegatus, a few from a party of 22 sitting on the sea defences at high tide.

Waiting for an exceptionally high tide to drop. After pointless traffic lights, I can sympathise. 


  1. That seems really early, ususally I don't see any waders until mid August..............

    1. Stu, we've got southbound waders here in Hong Kong already (from mid-July, basically)

  2. Same here John, there's been a wide range of waders passing through Mie since mid-July. Naturally at this time most species still in very low numbers.