Saturday 11 April 2015

Mie, April 9: Tundra Bean Goose

After relaxing by the wader pool for an hour I thought it time to head back to the Tundra Bean fields and as luck would have it the Goose had moved back onto the fields where I'd first seen it yesterday morning. The weather was much better now and the bird much easier to photograph.

As the Kansai middendorffii populations left several weeks ago, it's interesting to speculate on where this goose might have wintered; possibly not even in Japan given that Tundra distribution in Japan is even more northerly?

The neck and bill look proportionately even shorter in flight than on the ground.

I've previously posted on a confusion of bean geese at Kohoku on Lake Biwa but the following shots are of some clear middendorffii there to compare with this goose.

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