Saturday, 7 March 2015

Hoopoe in Kanazawa

A whole weekend off... wonderful. To make the most of it I decided to head up to Ishikawa and make my way back via Lake Biwa. The latter will be tomorrow, at the moment I'm sitting in a Fukui convenience store car park in the pouring rain waiting for the evening traffic to tail off a bit. Well, I've got all night to reach the lake.

The best and most surprising bird today was a Hoopoe, typically early and my first spring migrant. If  Hoopoes aren't your cup of tea, browse elsewhere.


  1. Always nice to find a Hoopoe,over the years I've found 5 now around Hakodate, always in late March to mid April..........hope the strong westerlies continue for a few days.................

    1. They're pretty good to see, aren't they. And there can't be many rares as easy to ID as a Hoopoe. Pity I don't have a better camera and lens because I'd have been able to get some great shots.