Sunday 6 October 2013


An area of wooded parkland hills, mainly secondary growth, and a shallow artificial lake at the International Conference Center located in the north east of the city at the end of the Karasuma subway line. The area is easy to cover in a half day visit.

This isn't a crucial site but in winter it's the only place in the city guarenteed to hold Mandarin Ducks. Apart from a few Eastern Spot-bills it doesn't attract other ducks on a permanent basis.

The surrounding woodland has a greater range of species than the parks in winter but like woodland birding anywhere it takes a bit of luck to connect with everything. Great Spotted and Japanese Woodpecker occur here whereas only Japanese Pygmy can be expected in the parks. It's as good an area as any to look for Grey Buntings and also Eurasian Woodcock, particularly in harder winters.

Of course the usual migrants, thrushes, flycatchers and warblers all pass through but if time is limited the city parks should be more productive.

There are breeding Ural Owl and Brown Hawk Owl.

This is also the easiest place to see Stika Deer in the city, while they don't come to be fed like the Nara animals nor do they bound off at the crack of a twig.

A very typical Kyoto sight.

A Takaragaiike speciality.

Take exit 5 from the Kokusaikaikan subway station marked on the map below and walk syraight ahead to the park. After checking the lake there are numerous tracks heading up into the woodland.

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